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need help to tune properly my apexi neo

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sorry about my spelling i goth a 97 s14 with a t 25 and i need some help to tunned properly also looking for a stick computer cause i swapped to stick and the idlle is too high the most of the time once again tanks for the help and sorry my speelling
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carma performance.....7308654

they will help you.
Big up to Carma... they got your back man. They know their shit.
properly tune a air fuel controller...... Phifffff

Oxymoron to say the least. You can get the air fuel ration correct with them, but your also effecting your timing in an uncontrolled manner. I dont care who tunes it, air fuel controllers are bad on nissan ecus.
tanks did you had idea how much cost also looking for a stick computer same car
your better off with the auto ecu on a piggy back tuned ka. They are slightly less likely to have issues with open air bovs. Higher idles make taking off easier as well when you have heavy duty clutches as well.
I highly recommend you retard your base timing by 5* so set it at 15*btdc instead of 20*
When setting up your timing, make sure the engine is warm, then disconnect the tps and then set the timing.
Retarding the timing by 5* will probably also help with the idle by maybe 1-200 rpms.

I still hate piggybacks, but I seen your from mboro and they have emmissions testing and you have an obd2 car so I guess you got to do what you got to do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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