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NEED Opinions!

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Ok as some of you might have seen . I have my Del Sol up for sale and theres a few trades people have offered and wanna see what everyone thinks I should go with.

1. 1991 240sx silvia front end sr20

2 1991 240sx coupe kinda bad body with rb25

3.2004 Nissan spe-v se-r with 64,000 miles
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i would have to see them :thumbup:
delsolsituner said:


3. hasnt sent em pics

but if i had to pic one that number 1 is a right sexy car. i think i've seen the rb 240 and if its the same one its a peice of junk
I think I would go with #1
Josh : haha s2k in the works baby (well hopefully) lol
phoenix_95: thanks for your .02
number 1

number 1 it looks like the win
number 2 is black and was in the boro
i would trade you for number 1 if you get it i love that car I WANT IT
prolly #1 because if the body is in good condition, you know the car has either been restored well or taken care of for all of its life .... #2 has a bad body but an RB25 - you could get the engine later if you wanted that, but it would be a PITA to fix the body up
Go for #1...you can always get a better engine :thumbup:
option 4

A car everyone and their mother isn't buying nowadays.
GGP2JZ said:
option 4

A car everyone and their mother isn't buying nowadays.
nobody on here has is300's anyways....wouldnt the spec v be worth the most trade for it sell it buy the 31 chice and have money left over
i think you should go with 4

4. 98 suzuki gsxr 750 & AE86
thanks everyone for there input that has made this easoer
Don't do it fucker!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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