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like the sound of me???

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afternoon lets start with the default setup;

Name: Jack

Location: Hendersonville TN

What brought you here: Trouble sorry to say

What do you drive: 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Other hobbies: going to school at NADC (im in the same class as Sil84 (he introduced me to this site))

now on with mine :p
sup, im jack! im a fun LOUD spontaneous 19 year old guy that loves to do almost anything (apart from nashville nightclubs... too ganksta for me) i moved to the USA in november 06 and have lived in hville since feb 07, love it all! i started NADC in april 07 studying auto diesel mechanics and am still their currently doing an add on course called high performance fabricaton.

i have changed alot since coming accross the pond and i think for the better.
i answer to jack, janken, england, shank, shanky or OI YOU!
ATM i cant work due to some legal issues regarding my transfer over from england, which sucks because iv had restrict my spending.
im always up for a good time no matter where it is
looking forward to having a great time on TENNSPEED
and just wondering any other english people on here?
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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