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Hey guys whats going on?? My name is adam and i am from chicago il. What am i doing here in nashville you may ask? Well i go to NADC.... yeah im just as ashamed to know as you are :|. But anyways ive been here down here for about 3 months now and so far ive been to the bridge a couple of times and ive been to 8th and commerce quite a bit and so far ive liked what ive seen. Back at home we used to have meets like 8th and commerce but it was bigger and ther were more cars. I own and drive 2 Galants a Blue 90 Galant GS-X and a Green 91 Galant VR-4. The gsx is my daily and down here with me and the vr4 is back at home and down right now due to building the motor and trans and in the end im setting it up for roadrace/autox. The last turbo setup i had on the vr4 was a 20g (the rest of the mods are listed below). Im gald to be on here and look forward to meeting new people at later meets and such.

vr4 mods

fic 750cc injectors
fic aeromotive afpr kit
solid polyurethane motor mounts
knock off greddy catch can
walbro 255 fuel pump
tdo5 20g
evo 8 maf with adapter harness
vibrant 4 in filter adapter
k&n 4.5 in cone filter
evo III exhaust mani
punishment racing external wastgate o2 housing
tial 38mm wastgate 14 psi spring
megan racing 3 in dp
lower shores mbc
hks 272 cams
ets fmic and intake kit
sp performance slotted rotors all around
porterfield r4-s pads all around
goodridge ss brake lines
whiteline rear 26mm and front 24mm sway bars
4 bolt rear end
aws delete

6000k hids
93 "clear" headlights
yellow fog light bulbs

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h22Boi said:
hell ya. i go to nadc to n is from northern chicago. what part u from?

i live in the northwest suburbs in a town called lake zurich. what about you?

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Welcome :thumbup:
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