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new guy from tullahoma

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whats up every body? i heard one of my friends talking about this site so i figured i would check it out.
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thanks man im trying to put some pics of my car on here but my pc is being a bitch!
thanks for the welcome everybody!! i have been browsing around and everyone here seems pretty cool so far :thumbup:
Welcome to the site. Good to have you here.
What he said^^
Welcome to the site :thumbup:
StatixNWH said:
welcome, what do you drive?
97 ex civic
Pics of said '97 Civic EX?
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this pic is abt 2 yrs old, this was right after i got it. i miss the wheels, i wish i had never sold them. the only things i have done to it are cai, magnaflow muffler and tein basic damper kit. my friend bought the coilover kit and i helped him put it on before i bought the car from him.


now it looks like this. i was really drunk one night and my ex did something that put me into a rage. after buying new fenders and a new hood
this is the result. i fucking kick myself in the ass everyday for doing this to my car, its all good though one of my friends works at a body shop.
he is going to paint it for me as soon as i buy the paint

around tax season next year i plan on putting a b18b in it and buying some 16's of some sort(still undecided)
thank god its paid off :D
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but your screen name says oneFASTek.....this aint fast.
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