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I went to school most of my life in Illinois. I never got great grades there, nothing as good as like what I got here in manchester. The thing is I never tried, I never took any work home either. If I had work that couldnt get done while I was at the school building It didnt get done. I came in stoned usually and would usually leave during lunch and get high then too (i was dumb back then and did drugs, I dont anymore). Here is the thing, all of a sudden Im now making honor roll getting nothing buy A's and B's. I also graduated early, I only went to half of my senior year and that year I only had 1 class that I actually even needed, the rest of my day was filled with vocational classes and 2 study halls.

The point, Yes, I think allot of people in this state are idiots but its not their fault at all, its the states fault. I went from someone that was not too good at school in Illinois to someone that graduated early with honors even after getting pretty bad into alcohol and drugs and partying. The school thought I was smart. WTF?

sorry, started out as a joke. Ive been bitching too much lately, maybe I should take it to the trash talk section.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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