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new person with boosted teg

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hey everyone im new to tennspeed. I have a 95 teg boosted that dyno'd at 355 whp. I am trying to get some post points to get me up and going.. my name is brandon.. thanks ya'll. Shout out to Poe for helping the teg look so good on the blades.. :D
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welcome mang!

I really want another integra...
Thanks for the comment
lol yeah i know that was my bad... i forgot which forum i was in and posted it and saw it too late.. Oh well sorry ya'll. Anyways i'll have more pics of the tegg up later this afternoon. . . :thumbup:
Delay on the new pics

I cant find my camera cord to update pics :(
welcome to the site brandon.
your car

its down the road from me :shock:
welcome pics or fail :D
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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