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new to tennspeed

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like the signature says i am new to tennspeed and am curently working on my restomod project, after it is done i will be tearing apart and replacing everything on the evo. I am a former dealer tech for toyota and nissan, so if i can help with anything letmeknow.

thats my misurabishi (lol) it's been quite good to me actually, no problems at all.
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thanks guys

always looking for car people in the 865 (knox) hit me up if there are meets
Saw the car tonight.

Looks freakin clean.

yeah, i went out there saw some pretty sweet cars.
Welcome to the forum man.
Danny and I couldn't quit commenting on how nice your Evo was on that drive back to town.
yeah man

the sushi was excelent and your nsx does amplify your amount of street pwnage.........the exhaust is just awesome and erection inducing as it where. In fact i do believe that it is FTW.
o he is the one with the black nsx.

That thing is nice as balls.
Kc anything going on tonight? I should have come out w/u guys but I went to a kegger lol
Yea show over on clinton highway, I probobly wont go to it anymore as it seems there always just a ton of ricers.

Ill probobly be going to foothills every friday from now on.
instead tonight me and my friend took out his golf cart and chauffeured sorority girls to a party for a bit. then went to a kegger which I just got back from. Good ass night. I have a few numbers and that's all that matters
im going to the foothills one this friday.

but what should i bring. teg or rolla?
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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