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new to this forum from hermitage

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Hey this is Hiro, 25 pretty much lived here my whole life. I lived in louisville, ky for 2 years and hawaii for 7 months . Just thought id join this forum to see fellow car enthusiasts. I drive a 93 se-r with a avenir swap boosting on 9 lbs, s3 cams, jwt ecu, hotshot fmic, 3" dp and exhaust, and a few other mods. my daily driver is 00 sentra se with an sr20 motor with just bolt on mods. have any questions just hit me up.
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welcome to the show
Welcome man
welcome to the freakshow....enjoy your stay :thumbup: :thumbup:
welcome, fyi sr20's are frowned upon here...........jk
what up what up
welcome to da wonderful world of Tennspeed
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Welcome, i live in hermitage too.
whats up man.
as well i live in mt. juliet and commute back and forth from there and hermitage,
im there all the time cause of work.
hiro as in red se-r that used to roll around smyrna thats clean as fuck? lol welcome man.
welcome to the show!
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