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NEW wheels and Exhaust for the EM1

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Got some 15x7 Royal Gold Rota JMags. Wrapped em in 205/50R15 Kumhos Ecstas. I also had to get a new exhaust cause my old GReddy EVO2 muffler decided it was gonna take a shyt on me and spit all of the baffling material out . . . But I got a good deal on a GReddy SP2 full catback and I LOVE it. Even w/ my test pipe it's super quiet until. . . VTEC!!! LoL hope you guys like the shitty driveway pics

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doesnt look like the jmags go with the car
That looks clean as hell. I wish the wheel's size was a little better, but it looks awesome man. props...
I have a similar muffler (A'PEXi World Sport II) and it's the same way. Pretty quiet until you mash the gas. :thumbup:
Looks good :thumbup:
i like :thumbup:
greddy exhaust are the shhhhht
IH8DSM said:
i liked the si's better
X2!!! I would much rather rock si's before just about any Rota wheel.
not a fan of jmags on any car - they look like cheesy Dollar Store wheels ... doesnt matter who makes them to me (i would say the same if they were made by Rays, but i dont think Rays would ever make a wheel of this style)

but the car does look clean - you just need some nice simple wheels to make it stand out nicer
The wheels are knockoffs of the MUGEN M7 which i a HIGHLY coveted wheel by the big honda enthusiasts. I would totally rock the shit out of the M7's but they're worth like $2K for a set without tires!
it looks awesome super clean dude! :thumbup: :thumbup:

there is nothing wrong with rotas..
Greddy FTW!

Not a fan of those rims though, they look out of place.
what are those 10in wheels?

Does it really scream when VTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEC kicks in? LOL just annoys me how people jerk themselves raw over that crap.
Ok well honestly I don't have the kind of money to be going out n gettin' some REAL Mugen M7's. . . The JMags came in Gold and that's what I wanted. And they are 15" wheels GGP2JZ. But anyways. . . Thanks for all the positive comments from those of you who gave em.
saw this beast when we got the stickers. looked nice.
13 inch wheels ftw!!! just kidding matt.... I love your car you know that.
looks good man love the gold and blue
Japanman2009 said:
I got a good deal on a GReddy SP2 full catback and I LOVE it. Even w/ my test pipe it's super quiet until. . . VTEC!!!

do you have a resonator on it???
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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