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What type of Nitotine you use

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  • Dont use nicotine

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cr89x said:
JUST F ING QUIT MAN!!! that what i did. but of course i got really sick and couldnt stand the smell yet alone the taste, like normal illness, and slept alot but hey i still did it and i'll do it again. i'm the only one that smokes in my shop and i'm going to quit by the time i go back to it. i'm guna make my dad quit too, or at least not allow him to smoke around the shop. that way i'll be good.

congrats on quittin. and i think the first 3 days are the hardest because i quit how many times my last two years of high school and they all lasted three days, wait i lie, the one lasted two weeks.
yea most of my buddies smoke which makes it even harder to stay non smoking but will see when i do body work or drink thats when i use to smoke the most
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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