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Nikon D40 Body. Incld. Box, Body, Battery etc.

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Name: Corey
Location: Elizabethton, TN
Contact: PM, Text 423-773-4622

I'm selling my Nikon D40 body. I'm ready to 'upgrade' to a D80, so i'm gonna try and sell this first.

Camera works great. I've loved it every time i've used it. Very simple and easy to use. Camera has no dead pixels, nothing that doesn't work. No real scratches or anything. Included is the Box, Manuals, CD, Cables, Battery, Battery Charger, the Camera Body itself, and a 4 GB SD Card. Camera probably has probably had less than 2000 pictures taken on it. $250 or best offer. Make me offers! All you'll need is the lens at this point.

You can PM me, or you can text me at 423-773-4622.

I don't have any pictures because I don't have another camera besides this one, unless you
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to the top.
willing to trade ? Sparco Wheel!
willing to trade for a sony handicam + cash?
myspace mirror pic of teh camera?
im extremely interested
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