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nismokids 300ZX NA

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looks pretty clean :thumbup:
meh, i see an HID retro-fit in your future...
shits weak. i think in your friend on facebook
lol at least im not driving a 240. and i think so.
civilized_drifter said:
shits weak. i think in your friend on facebook
anthony i think him still being NA he would still smoke u.

anyways clean.. but TTswap need to be in the future :mrgreen:
That looks exactly like my old rx-8 :cry: good pics tho :thumbup:
Clean Z!

Dibs if you sell it :p
too bad it doesnt have the turbos to move that heavy pig around.
haha thanks guys :D
but its such a clean car idk if i want to do that much to it. i mean its a rare specimen of z. most z32s suffer from severe wear and tear. but who knows, maybe lol turbos WOULD be nice...
were you in the boro today
nopee i wasnt there today. and idk. im definitely going to put some aftermarket wheels on it and id like to do an hks exhaust setup but its in such good condition i dont know...its ridiculously clean.
i would definately go with the hks exhaust
it needs to sound as good as it looks
94_eg6 said:
were you in the boro today
HKS exhaust? Could have been my friend thomas
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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