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Nissan tuning.

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I had a thread that got lost on the old database error about my tuning services. I now have a partner in with this and we are authorized Nistune dealers. His shop is AutoVaughn performance. We are able to offer better prices together than I was able to when I myself had to go through another dealer. If you have a nissan that you want tuned ask me for a quote.
I use a innovate wideband and a turbo xs knock light when tuning.
I can make power on stock n/a cars as well as fully built turbo cars with different injectors and maf.
The speed limiters are removed and the rev limiter can be set where ever you desire.

It dont hurt to ask how much but there is no set price for me to list that is universal for everyone.

Cars/ecus that can be done:
Type 1 board:
CR31 Skyline (RB30E)
HR31 Skyline (NICS/ECCS RB20DET)
VL Commodore (RB30E)
VL Turbo Commodore (RB30ET)
Z31 300ZX (VG30E, VG30ET) 1984-1985, 1986, 1987-1989
A31 Cefiro (RB20DET)
J30 Maxima (VG30E)
S12 Gazelle (CA18DE/DET)
S13 Silvia (CA18DE/DET)
S13 Stanza / 240SX (KA24E)
N12 Pulsar Exa (E15ET)
N13 Pulsar (CA16DE)
N13 Pulsar (CA18DE)
U12 Bluebird (CA18DE)
E10 March ST (MA09ERT)

Type 2 board
M30 Infiniti (VG30DE)
Z32 Fairlady 300ZX (VG30DETT)
HCR32 Skyline (RB20DET)
BNR32 Skyline (RB26DETT)
U12 Bluebird (KA24E)

Type 3 board
S13 180SX (SR20DET)
S13 Silvia (SR20DE,DET)
S13 240SX (KA24DE)
U13 Bluebird (SR20DET)
B13 Sentra (SR20DE)
P10 Primera (SR20DE)
J30 Maxima (VG30DE)
S14 Silvia (SR20DET) [early model]
N14/N15 Pulsar (SR18DE, SR20DE)
RNN14 Pulsar (SR20DET)
Z32 Fairlady 300ZX (VG30DETT) [Late model, except 1996 OBD-II]

Type 4 board

S13 Late 180SX (SR20DET)
S14A 180SX (SR20DET)
S15 180SX (SR20DET)
U13 Altima (KA24DE)
S14 200SX (KA24DE)
ER34 Skyline (RB25DET)
WC34 Stagea [JECS ECU only] (RB25DET)
Y33 Cedrick (VQ30DET)
N15 Pulsar (GA16DE)

Type 5 board (coming soon)

S14 180SX (SR20DE) Half size ECU
B13 Sentra (GA16DE) Half size ECU
K11 Micra (CG10) Half size ECU

Some cars and ecus are not listed such as the R33 rb25 but that dont mean it cant be done. What you do in that case is use a z32 ecu with a type 2 board and change the pinout going into the ecu (its actually only a few wires).

Hit me up people, you know you want to throw away that junk safc you have that is going to do nothing but blow up your motor.
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i might hit you up about doing mine when i get the money if you can do it. mines a code na ecu s14 kouki sr20 not sure on exact yr model.
can u find out whats on an ecu if its been tuned already?.. (sr20det ecu)
Woot!!! Brandon will be paying me a visit sometime next week. I can't wait. It's the only thing I lack then the Ka will breathe again!!!
Ok guys, this is the thing I really need and this will be able to help me be able to see if I can do your ecu.

I want all the numbers. It may be just as easy to just take a pic of it and post it in the thread if necessary.

i might hit you up about doing mine when i get the money if you can do it. mines a code na ecu s14 kouki sr20 not sure on exact yr model.
By code na do you mean like on the first pic where it says bj? Or do you mean its naturally asperated?

what about the b15 chassis and qr25de
They dont have anything that supports that ecu at the moment but I wish they did. Them are pretty damn fast cars and by the way nissan factory tunes go I know there is allot of power to be pulled out. I dont know if your a member on any ser forums but the best thing for you to do is see if any of the supported ecus can be wired in by changing the pin out. Such as a sr16 or sr20vvl ecu. I dont see them listed but I thought I remembered seeing somebody tune one of them with nistune before. Ill do some research but I can tell you for sure that the ecu in your car is not compatible as of now.

can u find out whats on an ecu if its been tuned already?.. (sr20det ecu)
Yes I can. I may not be able to tell you this is a mines tune or jwt tune but I can show you it compared to the stock sr tune so you can see the differences in 3D and I can email you the bin file for your keeping.
If your interested It would cost $45 for me to drive to smyrna and do this for you. You would need a consult port wired up to your car factory for me to be able to do this (91-94 s13s have this and if the wiring was done right during the swap it will still work) and if you dont have this its $10 for me to install one on your car and its yours to keep installed.
If you drive the car to manchester for me to check your tune Ill do it for less. Just holla at me.
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you've been pm'ed.
You will be receiving a reply when I'm done typing this message to you on here right now.
i mean by the id code on the ecu i have an s14 blacktop sr20det. :roll: its a 23710-80f00 late s14 kouki ecu
much better, and that is the part number that would be needed. Yours is do-able.
With you saying na I had to ask because that can mean a couple different things with what were talking about. I havent seen all the different variations in nissan ecu coding and probably never will in person. That BJ one I came across today was new to me (and funny I thought)

I accidently bought the wrong ecu one time just going off the 2 digit code. I had a #62 sr ecu and ordered a nissan #62 ecu as a backup to put a board on and it turned out to be a na rb20de auto ecu. Looked similar but the part number was different.
If I ever get around to being able to do anything to my car, I'll def. hit you up for a quote.
My website is up but still under construction. Here is the nistune stuff on it for sale.
Ill list the price of the boards alone without the software license soon enough as it would be a better option for local people.
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