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NO shave november

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it starts soon.... you fellas ready
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wow its a good thing I already made a thread for this....

i cant find yours so f it i havent shaved in like a week already haha
yea i couldn't find your old thread, so i was just making a reminder =/

gay pic yes i know, but it was taken yesterday and thats how i am right now.....may not shave, may shave....not sure yet
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does that mean i dont have to shave my legs in november? haha jk
wooly mammoth geez ;-P
hahahah nice one spoolie
for some reson when i saw spoolies post i expectied to see a pic of his pubic hair or somthing hahahaha
The boss-man quit last week, I think I'll give no shave a shot and see if the replacement boss-man says anything.
My stache' doesn't connect to my goatee at the corners of my mouth... so I never keep any stache'... beard is 24.7 of some variant...

my stache' was pretty big on Halloween though...
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I'm already on it. I love this month
I may win for least amount of facial hair at the end of the month.
gees spoolie =|

i'll win for the most haggard looking beard
Spoolie, that's exactly how I am after about 3 days, lol. I'm sorry but can't participate this year. I have too many formal events w/my fraternity this month that I have to be clean-shaven for.
Lol, this is terrible.
Mine just looks odd, only been shaving about a year lol...
1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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