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Hey guys... I'm Ken - I am good friends with Char (03Fairlady) and she introduced me to the site.

I have an 04 SRT4 with the following mods - however it is still being tuned at DCR in VA right now...

1.DCR Option A Drop In-
2.DCR Strap Kit-
3.DCR Complete Oil System-
4.DCR Billet Tensioner-
5.DCR 5 Layer Head Gasket-
6.DCR Custom Head Studs-
7.DCR Pro Series Head-
8.DCR Crane 16s-
9.DCR Cam Gears-
10.DCR Port Matched Intake Manifold-
11.DCR 55mm Throttle Body and Spacer-
12.DCR Water Injection-
13.DCR Water Pump/Timing Belt-
14.Labor to Install-
15.DCR Dyno/Street Tuning-
16.DCR Bottle Neck Mod/with DCR 255 Fuel Pump-
17.DCR Fuel Return Line Kit-
18.DCR 1200cc Injectors/with injector box-
19.DCR Pro Series Turbo Kit/with a GT3582RL-
21.DCR Stage 5 Axles-
22.Aem UEGO Wideband
23.Clutchmasters Stage 5 Clutch
24.BWoody H-Traction Bars
25.progressive sway bars
I just got home from Iraq and I am stationed at Ft. Campbell... I hope to meet most of you in the Nashville area that Char has told me about :)

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Yaaaayyyy ken!!!! My speed addict bff!!!

We need pics of our cars together once mine is done too! It sucks i wont get to ride in yours for a year :( glad you joined the forum... Lots of people to meet! Hugs!!!

Go team char!!! Woot woot

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welcome..you'll see me around on teh weekends. stock looking black 240 coupe.
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