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who will survive??? vote for who is banned...

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Offical Tennspeed Survivor thread...enjoy

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Ok...my ban hammer is strong now. After crushing Sagnostino and team spotlite, i feel good.

so the bottom line is this, i am starting a survivor thread with the shit town crew...we vote weekly and someone from shit town get banned.
btw refer to m'boro as "shit town" or you'll be banned. certain people are exempt... fagler, matt, tiger, and depe. so i will post up a few names each week and voting will begin...

4 more next week...enjoy
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I voted lol I like this thread I hope I don't end up on it muahahaha spoolie is evil lol

everybody needs to vote. I wonder if they'll really get banned lol

let's add more people.... preferably not me lol

your conebacks in the for spoolie thread are funny as shit

sagostino wrote:
dont talk to me i hate you

bish is butthurt bwahahahahhahahahaha heehee
not worried

not worried about it.
if he gets that pissed over the internet he needs anger management. I didn't say anythin that I haven't been called on here. soooo.... beat my ass I guess I deserve it for being a little bitch... and spoolie.... I know he was talkin to u he just said he hated u and 4 u not to talk to him bwahahahaha that's kid stuff

I'm not worried tennspeed must have a lot of gangstas if they're threatening to beat me up over the interweb lol

fuck you capone! call me a ***? bitch.... I'm glad I voted for you

I like how u have been on the site for like a month and are talking shit.... awesome man good for you
so far...

so far it seems like he really doesn't like murfreesboro lol apparently it is "shit town"..... so far I really really like this thread

slo(REX) wrote
"dude he would whoop your ass too.... hes my best friend and you clearly dont understand we know where u live"

yall get into this shit too much he called me a ***.... so I called him a bitch. goddamn man its the fuckin internet do you not have anything better to do than make threats? I mean fuck... everybody on here talks shit....its their opinion.... I just think its fuckin stupid to threaten to kick somebodies ass over the internet
:thumbdown: goddamn its not that big of a deal and if u take shit like that seriously gtfo

why am I a pussy? I was just sayin what I thought and slo(rex) yall can talk shit all you want fuck it. its just the internet....talk away :)
oh well....

apparently I am a pussy..... oh well lol :lol:
no clue

I have no clue why everybody gets so pissed off....ive been told I was gonna get my ass beat lol. oh and I'm a pussy lol I hope nobody threatens to shoot me bwahahahahaha gangstas!
I think....

I think slorex hates me lol and pirate john doesn't like me either I'm a pussy in his opinion

nope I'm not emo.... I'm a nerd lol

dude there isn't anything wrong with anime some of that shit is cool as fuck..... and was that ur old crx? that is clean as fuck man I like it.

I always have liked crx's they are beautiful cars and that's really the one honda I've always wanted... they are just always kindof shitty everytime I find one
goddamn man

why am I a pussy for liking crxs? they are nice
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