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Omnipower Coilovers - Beware?

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This really concerns me, as I'm running the first gen coilovers. Just thought I'd share and spread this around, this isn't the first time I've seen this mentioned.

When I see any response to this, or updated news, I'll post and let you guys know.


I've been using omnipower products for quite sometime now.. all of my friends.. i've known several people to use these coilovers and trust them.. i've used them at least a year or two.. had a set on my daily driver and my race car...

Well i was driving down the road in front of my house in the neighborhood and i heard a loud ''pop'' then i lost complete control of my car and the chassis hit the ground..

here's the aftermath:

It's a good thing i wasn't on the interstate..


it failed because theres less than 2mm thick of soft aluminum material on the shoulder of the cup.

they say it was a "bad batch". whatever that speaks of their non existent quality control... yup, they knew about it. quite frankly, i thought everyone knew about it. but thats no excuse for them not to own up to this. theyll likely just offer a replacement set of coilovers, as long as you pay $100.

i wonder how long these pics are going to stay up once the OP contacts omni...
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a lot of coilovers break ... most claims lay the blame on quality control, but often its poor installation or improper use

my k-sports are a prime example ... most ppl with the same mileage as i have on mine have blown at least one by now, but they have also installed them wrong or cranked them down much lower than they were meant to go
LOL...no way he should get another set. Tell them to give him his money back at least...they damaged his car.
Thats true, they are known to blow. That problem has since been addressed and corrected by K-Sport, I believe, and their more recent batches are much better made. They also will offer to rebuild your strut for a much smaller price if this occurs (as far as I have read).

With the Omnipowers, this has happened a few time, and it appears as if the structural integrity is in question here. A true hazard to your safety. I'm not quite so sure, but they sell these coilovers in street and sport form, and have not mentioned any warnings regarding ride height. They haven't addressed the matter at all.

This is strange because Omni is a very well known brand, with a very strong and loyal following, and usually has a strong presence on Honda-Tech. The fact that he has not responded to this thread, or even responded harshly to e-mails regarding the subject, boggles me.
Meh havent had an issue with my coilovers and I am not afraid to DRIVE my Honduh
All I have to say is.......

Damn, that is some mad jdm tyte steering angle yo :p
if there was a revised set with the corrected problem fixed, and this was posted and applicable to the first batch of coilovers, i see no reason why there should be reimbursement. it's like buying anything that has an applicable warranty for a extra charge, you dont have to buy it, but when something breaks, you're shit out of luck. i've talked to ben personally over the phone and online about engine theory's, his personal R&D on his products, etc. he is a very reputable guy and i wouldn't hesitate to trust my personal vehicle with any of his products.

my .02
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