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"ooohhh is that an E30"... NO!

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Picked up a 1983 E21 320is from a buddy here in Augusta.
car is super clean, no rust or dents, never wrecked
has around 190k miles on the original m10b20 engine so thats being built currently
i have all the paper work for the car from 82 in oregon, to germany and then back to here in georgia.
car had zero leaks... until this morning.
(if you or anyone you know has a good m10b18 engine please hit me up, i need to buy a spare)
mods include:
Ground Control/Koni coilovers
Ground Control camber plates
eurometric 90A poly urethane bushings... all of them
2.0 liter crank
Bride Low max seats
Sparco 4 point harnesses
Autopower half cage
Momo steering wheel

soon to come mods:

(finish the stroke 2.0 stroke and 90mm bore)
9.5:1 90mm pistons
all new lower end gaskets
crank scraper
head build with 292 cam
gsxr 1100 carburetors in place of the mechanical k-jetronic fuel injection
new clutch
rebuild LSD (or buy another open diff to weld)
rear and front strut tower bars
battery relocate to trunk

and paint


alright so, its been a while, but i got switched to working nights and have been busy working on the car and maintaining a thread on another forum.

here are the pics i promised

my Girls, Sasha(grey) is the E21 and Audrey(Hepburn) obviously my IX

gutted the interior to trim the fat out of the wiring harness, and get rid of the fancy German wookie jizz BMW used to block out the haters... i mean heat

cleaned it up

and then truck bed lined it

ripped out all the A/C components, (Compressor, Condenser, Lines, Wiring and Interior pieces) as well as the wind shield wiper assembly and the radio stuff and whatever else wasn't needed in a track car.

pic from a cruise down to the lake, before i started stripping her and doing the build

most of this is now gone lol

better Aux fan and deleting the engine driven fan

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so along with stroking it from 74mm crank to an 80mm crank, i'm also picking up another set of forged rods and 92mm 10.1:1 compression pistons
i also bought the full engine gasket set, which includes the bottom end gaskets, all head related gaskets, and the timing cover gaskets.
a crank scraper windage tray and a heat shield between the spark plugs and exhaust mani.
and a poly steering coupler.

picking up a complete spare engine in knoxville this weekend as well, will be a stock rebuilt back up engine for the E21

would be able to finish most of the build this month but i have to do some paint work on the Evo to get it ready to trade/sell. feels like 600+ down the drain but oh well, i just want to get a fleet of BMW's haha, an E30 coupe for a Daily, and E23 or E28 for a weekend downtown cruiser, and finish the E21 as my track bitch, maybe after those a 2002 retro show car haha. fun stuff, high hopes.
dirty engine bay after i did a few things recently.

once upon a time i used her as a rally pig

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so this weekend i went up to the mountains in Knoxville and Asheville picked up an engine from one guy and bought some 92MM high comp pistons (10.1:1)(with an extra set of forged rods) so it'll be bored over from 89mm to 92mm and stroked from 76mm to 80mm, giving it a grand total displacement a little over 2,100cc's instead of 1700 some odd cc's
Also got one of my packages from Ireland engineering

had to rip the intake mani and exhaust mani and some other things so i could pick the engine up out of the back of the car and put it in the garage, sucks not having a hoist haha

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