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Opinions on turbo b16 setup?

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Ok so im about to boost my B16A civic hatch again and was wanting some opinions on what turbo size i should get. Last time i had a kit and the turbo was a lil small for me and i ended up displeased with the whole thing. I already have some injectors, guages i will need, a good vacuum manifold and most importantly a good tuner. So i need to know what kind of turbo would be a good deal that is a good bang for its price and what size would i need to make at least 230 whp(would like to make even more if its doable without too much lag) on my bone stock B16 with nothing but a 2.5 full catback and a turbo setup running with no catalytic converter. Any ideas?

And no saying "ur not gonna make that on a stock motor" or "ur gonna blow it" because i wont (at least not for a while or when im damn ready too) and im not worried bout it either way. I already know its all bout the tune and with that right im not blowing anything for a while
Also please only people knowledgable about turbo hondas need reply

Thanks in advance
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im boosting my ls at the moment and im running a t3/t4 garrett .60 .63 trim, im looking to make 250 at 10psi with a good tune
what trim was the turbo you use to ran you didnt really like??
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