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Opinions on turbo b16 setup?

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Ok so im about to boost my B16A civic hatch again and was wanting some opinions on what turbo size i should get. Last time i had a kit and the turbo was a lil small for me and i ended up displeased with the whole thing. I already have some injectors, guages i will need, a good vacuum manifold and most importantly a good tuner. So i need to know what kind of turbo would be a good deal that is a good bang for its price and what size would i need to make at least 230 whp(would like to make even more if its doable without too much lag) on my bone stock B16 with nothing but a 2.5 full catback and a turbo setup running with no catalytic converter. Any ideas?

And no saying "ur not gonna make that on a stock motor" or "ur gonna blow it" because i wont (at least not for a while or when im damn ready too) and im not worried bout it either way. I already know its all bout the tune and with that right im not blowing anything for a while
Also please only people knowledgable about turbo hondas need reply

Thanks in advance
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Same as your except it was a t25=my problem. It spooled quick and hit 11 psi but after about 6000 rpm my motor kept killing the turbo. It woul suck it dry by 6800 and there would be no boost at all
t3/t4 57 trim

and Carma for your tuning in that area
Go with a T3/T4 hybrid... 57 Trim.

Use Carma Performance in Nashville to tune it :thumbup:
ahhh. ok i was thinking has saying something about charma..(haha)
i know a good local guy (MR. Adam Hopkins) who is an excellent tuner that will tune my car, tuned my last setup and was nothing other than great.Really intelligent and reputable guy/tuner as well
It may sound crazy, but I love t70's on b16's. They drive like a stock b16 on part throttle, but when you want power it will spool around 4800-5000 on a B16.
Thats what i like to hear. You da man with the plan
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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