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Well like the title says im abandoning my turbo B project and am going K so heres what i got. Im missing some stuff because im not at home so more will probably be added as welll as requested pics. just ball parking some prices bc i cant remember some.

Can bring anything to IA next weekend so jsut let me know.

Quaife Trans sold

New:...0 Miles
B16 head. Pnp, ferrea valvetrain. 1mm oversized valves. red valve cover. GE adj cam gears. gsr cams.....1000
ITR/GSR Oil pump..85
ITR/GSR Water Pump, timing belt kit and VC gaskets..100
Golden Eagle Gsr Head studs...85
OBD1 vtec Dizzy....125
Freshly polished Ls Crank...110
ACL race bearings...50

USED: Alot of the parts have been bought localy from JC00SI so they are legit

Quaife B16 tranny. 950 SOLD
500hp Gator Axles with Circuit Worxs hubs..500
Precision 600hp Intecooler...300
RC 1000cc injectors with FJO inj. driver.. 325
B series turbo piping with couplers..,100
Professional Products Throttle Body....75
Hasport Mounts....250

RED non faded dent free EG hatch doors with spotless black door panels. 100 for both
brand new black hatch carpet...50
rear hatch seat no tears..25

thats all i can think off right now.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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