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Name --- Josh
Item and description --- 1995 240sx SE partout
Price --- Listed by part
Location --- Ashland City / Nashville
Contact information --- Post or PM
Pictures will take a while to load because there's lots of them and I don't have a lot of the stuff in the picture(see list below)--- http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z171/schmiddr2/1995 240sx se parts/?start=all

Airbag control unit---$80
Airbags wiring harness---$40
Amp, clarion---$25
Brake and trunk release with cable--$30
Brake light assembly, center---$15
Bumper, rear---$40
Carpet, interior---$70
Cruise control ---$15
Dash support bar---$20
Differential, open---$40
Door foam, seals glass to body---$20
Door handle, passenger side--$10
Door shell, passenger side without mirror--$20
Flywheel and bolts---$40
Fuel Rail/Injectors---$65
Glove box---$25
Heater box---$30
Interior panels, each---$20
Knee bolster---$25
Looped p/s line to rack $30
Mounts, engine/tranny each---$20
Rearview mirror----$15
Steering column---$25
Subframe, front---$50
Sunvisors, both---$25
Tow hook, rear---$10
Trunk with missing spoiler---$40
Vents, each---$10
Window driverside, quarter glass---$25
Window motor, passenger side---$35
Wiper motor---$20
Wiper shafts---$20

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do you still have the Distributor?
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