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This forum is meant for image related discussion, and the general display of your photography. Here are the rules:- All content must be work safe and tasteful. Any picture of vulgar, lewed pornographic nature (including avatars) will be removed without warning.

- If you have artistic nude photos to share, you may embed a link to those pictures in a thread along with a warning in your title (eg. *NWS* or *NSFW*).

- Do not violate any copyright laws.

- Constructive criticism is encouraged, however, please be courteous and respectful towards all users when making comments.

- Please try to keep general, non-critiquing comments to a minimum.

- Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit/delete/lock any posts/threads that violate any of these rules.

- Please use clear and descriptive thread titles.

-Please, for the sake of other photographers, do not edit and repost their photos without express permission.


Basically make it easy on yourself and me. Keep all your "Driveway Photo Shoots" in the member's ride section .

Thank you!

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Ventolin said:
As the owner of this site, I've put alot of effort into making TennSpeed.net a very open community, but with all things, there must be rules. We would appreciate it if you would read the rules before posting. Ignorance is no excuse, so please be aware that you are required to adhere to the rules regardless of having been aware of them or not.

If you have a dispute with a particular rule, please contant me or another moderator first about the situation. We understand that situations that require special attention will occur, and we are prepared to deal with them. We only ask that you contact an administrator or moderator if first if you find something questionable, do not post about it publicly.


1. Excessive Bashing and/or Flaming: This will not be tolerated. I understand that people have disagreements and differences of opinions. All we ask is that you deal with others respectfully and show some courtesy. We want the forums to reflect a positive atmosphere, so please keep this in mind before you say something that may be disrespectful or extremely negative.

2. Spam: If you would like to advertise another site, we have no problems with you placing links in your signature. Also, you are free to discuss sites, products, etc. as well, but excessive posting and repetative comments will not be tolerated. If you are not sure about something, contact a moderator for approval before posting.

Spam- n.
Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.
tr.v., spammed, spam•ming, spams.

1. To send unsolicited e-mail to.
2. To send (a message) indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups.

3.) Street Racing: TennSpeed.net does not condone street racing. We also would prefer to avoid the topic as much as possible. Do not make street racing specific posts, they will be taken down. If you are unsure about something, contact a moderator for approval before posting.

4.) Work Safe Content: Please make sure anything you post (including images) is appropriate for people of all ages. Anything that is not appropriate must be posted within a topic that includes [NWS] in the title. Extremely tasteless content and/or pornography will be removed.

5.) Misinformation: We understand that everyone makes mistakes, but please do not knowingly post information if you are not sure how accurate it may be.

7.) Discrimination: We will not tolerate racism, sexual discrimination, or any other form of discrimination on this site.

10.) Pointless Posts: Please make sure to avoid all irrelevant discussion within a topic. The following are examples of pointless posting:

---Posts which contain no relevant contribution to the thread, topic, or site

---Posting responses to a thread for the sole purpose of boosting post count

---Posting derogatory and/or 1-word answers to a topic

---Posts/Threads that are meaningless and lack the ability to elicit thought-provocative responses

---Posting a short/simple response which shows you replied to the title and not the topic.

The only place this rule does not apply would be in the off-topic section, but please try not to be too excessive about it there if the post has a specific topic requesting specific answers. Use your best judgement, please.

CONSEQUENCES: If the offense is not extreme, you will receive a warning. The thread may be locked and the post may be deleted. If the problem becomes habitual, you may lose privileges on the forum (avatars, posting, messages, etc.) and/or receive further disciplinary action. If the problem is severe your account may be banned. In extreme cases, IP bans will be given, as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to read these rules. We appreciate all your support and effort to maintain a clean forum here at TennSpeed.net, and we look forward to seeing you around!

TennSpeed Administration
All basic forum rules would apply, as well.
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