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Hey guys, So I have a Rebel XTI with kit lens and I'm getting some lens for it
soon. Just the normal, 50 1.8 and a few others. (Saving up for the White bodies!)

Well i'm picking out a P&S for everyday use so I dont lug around the DSLR evrywhere I go.

Around the $150 mark

I use to have a Powershot A540? either way I loved it. It took great videos too.

So I'm looking for a P&S, It has to a Canon, No SD series, and most likely the Powershot.

I'm really looking at the PowerShot A590

It's going to be used for movies allot. Thats one thing I need and dont have.
I'll be pikcing up a suction mount for inside the car and a wide angle lens
so really its down to picking the camera.

so let me know.

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any PowerShot A-series will do ... pick one in your price range ... theyre great, ive used and owned several

they dont take great video tho - youll need a real vid. camera for that - their biggest problem is audio quality for movie clips

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i would suggest getting something smaller and simpler. you already have a nice camera with all the functions so you might as well go for convenience in a p&s. plus, i think the sd models are more solid than the A models (last time i checked, the A models felt pretty plasticy)

as far as videos go, however, i dont know. i would have to agree that youre better off with a proper vid camera
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