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Pics of my EF1

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Here is my pride and joy. Its a 1990 HB and his name is Starlite.

Performance Modifications:
Japanese B16A Motor Swap
5-Speed Transmission w/ LSD
Competition Clutch lightened flywheel
Competition Clutch Stage II Clutch kit
AEM Cold Air Intake
DC Sports 4-1 1-piece header
2.25" Tenzo cat-back exhaust
Custom Programmed ECU
TEIN Super Street Coilovers w/ upper pillow mount

Exterior Modifications:
Streetfighter 1 front bumper
Extreme rear bumper
Veilside side skirts
z3 fenders
17" TSW Fury rims
Shaved emblems, antenna, rear wiper arm.

Interior Modifications:
Custom Caramel Leather Interior Panels
1995 Acura Integra center console swap
Full custom fiberglass stereo system enclosure

Audio/Video Upgrades:
Alpine head unit
Sirius Satellite radio
JL 250/1 Amp
x2 JL Audio 10" Subs
JL Audio 6" front coaxle speakers
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Good luck is all I have to say.
thats what im talking about no gay ass tow hooks or mentioning of jdm besides the motor damn you almost were cool
buck fuddy said:
thats what im talking about no gay ass tow hooks or mentioning of jdm besides the motor damn you almost were cool
Are you talking to me? Why would I have towhooks on a car that already comes with some underneath? Also, I did not say anything about "JDM", If you were not talking to me I apologize for my rideness.
nice car man. I'm not really feelin the body kit, but that's just my opinion. it is a clean little car. I really like the color that orange color is cool lookin. I used to have some gunmetal wheels like yours. nice car man imo but people will rag on you on here for the bodykit and fenders, but still as long as you like it, that's all that matters :thumbup:
not really my style, but it looks well done
I don't like it but hey if that's what you like fuck everyone else. It's your car you make it how you want not what everyone else wants.
piratejohn I can't believe we actually agree on something for once :thumbup:
i give the paint :thumbup: but :thumbdown: for the rice
LeeroyNWH said:
not really my style, but it looks well done
Dont listen to these people.. its a show car with some go. People here cant tell Show from Rice. Very clean hatch. I like it. The only thing I dont really like is the fenders..but other then that. Very clean car. Im sure it will pull more pussy then some of these cars on there from owners throwing the rice flag at you.....
It actually looks alot better than most kitted out EFs I've seen. Nice car. Maybe new wheels?!? Looks good though.
not my thing but car is nice
Looks well done for what it is. At least you put it together right instead of half assin junk.
car looks realy well done. engine bay is painted as well, which is a :thumbup: but i still wouldnt let you come to my house with that thing.
Not a fan of this look but I think you have put some time and money into it and I can respect that.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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