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Under the hood of my beater 96 Civic CX Hatchback is a B16A2 (1.6L DOHC VTEC) from a 99 Civic Si with nothing major done to it. Just an AEM short ram intake, Exedy Stage 1 Racing Clutch and a 7lb Clutchmaster flywheel. I have a cheapo header to put on that my mechanic gave me but it is sitting in the basement right now. The car also has a custom muffler shop pipe with some no name muffler on it. Not too loud and doesn't sound half bad either. That's bout it performance wise on my piece. Nothing special but I like it. Gets me from point A to point B at a decent speed.

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-Stock K20A3 w/base RSX tranny
-Rev Hard turbo kit:precision T3/T4, cast iron log manifold, 2.5" downpipe, 27"x6.5"x3" intercooler, Tial 38MM wastegate, Greddy Type S bov, MotoTron 650cc 13ohm injectors
-Hondata K-Pro, intake manifold gasket
-R.S. Akimoto velocity stack
-GM solenoid for boost controller via K-Pro boost vs. gear
1st gear @ 6psi, 2nd gear and up 10psi
-Stock cat., Greddy Evo TT 3" catback
-Energy Suspension motor mount inserts, CorSport metal shifter bushings
-Exedy Stg. 2 clutch, 9.5lbs flywheel
-DriveShaft Shop axle
-Autometer Cobalt series A/F, Boost w/carbon fiber mounting cup

-H&R springs 2" drop w/Tokico HP struts
-Ingalls rear camber arm
-Comptech 22mm rear sway bar
-16" Nippon Racing NF-2 full polish wrapped in 225/50 BFG KDW2
-Hawk brake pads

-Honda Factory Performance lip kit and spoiler
-XenonDepot 6500k H.I.D.

-Heavy right foot

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Revo 4bar (stage 2 ecu..boost spikes around 23-25 psi) | Yarrow Sport Rear Stress Bar | B&G Springs and Eibach Struts | Forge Diverter Valve | GHL Cold Air Intake | GHL 3" Turbo-Back Exhaust | 3" GHL Downpipe | 18x8.5 Flik Artic | "Race" N75 valve (boost control) | Euro Switch | Helix Angel Eye Projectors | Smoked Signals and Side Markers | 4bar Fuel Pressure Regulator | 15 mm Spacers (rear) | H&R 28mm Rear Sway Bar | Forge Turbo Inlet Pipe | SW Boost Gauge | EIP Short Shifter and Side-to-Side Reduction kit | Neuspeed Front Sway Bar | Heavy Right Foot 8)

I think that's about it...and I know it's more than just "horsepower mods" but I had this list saved and I'm too lazy to think of everything I've done :lol:

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im just posting what all it done to my car from my old h-t thread... most of the parts doesnt make me go fast at all I know :?

95 Acura Integra LS
with JDM Front Conversion with HID's
98 GSR all red taillights
GSR Gauge Cluster
ITR Block
b16 head
b16 Ported Intake Manifold
Apexi N1 Universal Muffler
ARP Head Studs
MSD Spark Plug wires
NGK R Spark Plugs
b16 tranny no grinds as all
chipped p28 ECU from phearable.net
Exedy Clutch
Fidanza 8lb Flywheel
Short Throw Shifter
Greddy Shift Knob
Type R Shift Boot
Carbon Fiber Hood, CF Mirrors, VIS CF Front Lip
Nopi #1 Coilovers
STR Fuel Rail & Regulator
B&M Pressure Gauge
AEM Cam Gears
AEM Powering Steering & Alternator Pulley's
Skunk2 Rear Strut Bar
MOMO steering wheel
American Pro amp
Rockford Fosgate 12in Punch p2 with RF Box
Skunk2 Lug Nuts

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Mine is a basic sr swap. (Not complete at the moment)

Redtop sr20det motor, trans, ecu
Invidia 3" exhaust with 3" test pipe
Greddy 3" downpipe
Greddy stainless turbo elbow tapped for exh temp
Cometic metal hg
arp head studs
Exedy hyper single clutch/flywheel
Greddy fmic (from an integra kit) probably going to sell and get a vspl
Greddy hot pipe
J30 vlsd rearend

I still need:

Walboro 255lph fuel pump
Wiring service done
Ignitor chip
Boost controller (because 7 lbs isn't enough and the ecu will handle my greediness)

I won't go into my upgrade plans because that would give it away. :?

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you wanna know the kickass go-fast set-up my brother created on my last car was? I didn't do a damn thing to this car cause I had no money to. My brother put all this crap on. For 2 years I drove it like this before wrecking.

1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe (EJ1)

D16Z6, totally stock, even the clutch and flywheel except for:
APC Short Ram
APC Muffler
APC Strut bar
Some kinda coil-overs. Hell if I know what they actually were.
When it was his:
17" Enkei wheels (I think RS-E's but I'm not sure) on some wore out Kumho Ecsta Supra's
When it was mine:
Stock 14" Steelies with covers on some cheap ass, bald ass, Regal Sport Challenger tires (or Challenger Regal Sport, not really sure)
15x6" 1997 Acura Integra GS-R Mesh wheels with nice BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires (currently on my hatchback)

wow my brother was a ricer.

Don't get me wrong. I loved that car and I wish I still had it. I just wish I had it with my hatch's setup instead. Thank God my brother now knows that all that crap was worthless. He's helping me with my current bucket and it's nothing but quality parts now.

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My 90

My current setup is:
1990 240sx
1994 SR20DET Blacktop (Painted red)
Freddy intake manifold
DC Sports turbo manifold
Garrett GT28RS .64
Tomei cam gears
HKS 264 cams degreeded by mr munson
Precision 880cc injectors
Koyo radiator
Blitz FMIC
Eagle H-Beam rods
CP pistons
Greddy rocker stoppers
Greddy head gasket 1.2mm
Ogura twin plate clutch
3" downpipe w/SideExit
Mr. Munson chipped and tuned ECU
5 Lug conversion
Z32 brakes
Z32 Maf

Making 400whp
12:20 / 118 @ Bristol

i'm about to put this:

in this:

any questions?

but as for right now my "go fast" setup is a stock 325e with a flowmaster exhaust.. w00t w00t. which is the above pictured car.

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currently i have:

14T (euro S40 turbo +30hp @7.5psi) running at 15psi
short ram intake with heat shield
3" turbo back exhaust
UPSolute ecu tuning
ngk plugs with magnecor 8.5mm wires wrapped in heat wrap
custom intercooler to throttle body hardpipe wrapped in heat wrap
hks ssqv bov
custom turbo to intercooler hardpipe
optima red top
turboxs hpmbc

and next weekend goes on the Volvo Motorsports GT28 kit
that includes a Garrett GT2871R turbo with a custom exhaust manifold and new lines and everything
walbro 255lph fuel pump and rc 450cc injectors
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