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Name-Brennan McKissick
Item and description (pics included)-Precision SCM-6031E Turbo. 60-1, mitsubishi flange.
Location-Rogersville, TN
Contact information-PM me and Ill give the owners #

Max. Rated HP 580HP
Compressor Wheel Diameter 59mm
Compressor Wheel Inducer - 2.320"
Compressor Wheel Exducer 3.000"
Compressor Wheel Trim 60
Compressor Cover Inlet Size 3�
Compressor Cover Outlet Size 2
Bearing System PTE Race 360 Center Section
Turbine Housing A/R Ratio - .63
Turbine Wheel Style - T31 (Stage III)
Turbine wheel Inducer 2.559"
Turbine wheel Exducer 2.228"
Turbine Wheel Trim - 76

Turbo has less than 5 miles on it since being rebuilt by Precision. Includes SS feed line and pushlock -10AN return.


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bump for dang good turbo cam off my ouer buddy robs 1g dame this thang pulled and like was sed only has like 5 miles on it sens fresh rebild
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