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what quote?

  • "Darn kids and your Hondas!"

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  • "Darn kids and your Nissans!"

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  • "You darn kids from the Boro"/"Boro invaders"

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well sorry ya'll i havent been on much lately. i'm having problems with my internet and i would get half way thru everything and then it would crap out. i got some 2000 posts to read yet i think.
last friday i was workin on a buddies car and almost cut my finger off. that was great and alot of blood. still hurts even with this big bandaid to stop from bending it but i still try to use it or i bump it into something.
i'm taking off tom morning to take a few days up north with the family. i'll be back next saturday hopefully in time for the bridge. 800 mile drive we'll see. hopefully i'll get caught back up with all the posts too.

take care ya'll
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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