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Project Cashmere- 95 Impreza/WRX build

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We all remember our first GC chassis right? Maybe for some of you you are on your only one. For me though thats a different story. It started back in late April of '14 when i picked up this gorgeous STM sedan from a member on here. It did an amazing job keeping me happy until the day he was taken out by a utility truck. It was a perfect representation of, in my mind, a daily GC.

It wasnt that bad to most and it drove straight but in my head even after it was fixed. It just wouldnt be the same car again. So i sold that RS and bought a 97 Impreza Wagon. I played with that awhile til i found a RS coupe for sale for a amazing price. I purchased the black RS and after driving it for about a month i realized i couldnt stand a coupe Impreza. Most people didnt understand why but i just couldnt like the feeling of a coupe. So with the wagon still in the driveway i decided one day to transfer all of the RS bits over to the wagon. It looked so good! I dubbed the car "Wade" in reference to my favorite marvel character Deadpool. After many months of driving the wagon. I thought alot about selling it and buying a brand new car seeing how ill never really have the funds readily available to wrx swap it. I sold Wade to one of my good friends and went to purchase myself a '14 Fiesta St.....I know i know. Many of you are asking why a FiST? Its a lightweight turbo 4cyl thats super fun to drive. After being lied to by 2 dealerships on the same night i scoured craigslist for a car. I found a 2004 WRX wagon an hour away from me for 3k. I immediately left and picked it up. I couldnt be happier...so i thought. I modded it the way that i do every car now. I do wheels,lowering,navi/sound and headlight retrofit. After a few months of being dicked around by the people i purchased the car from about the title, i was honestly tired of getting the run around. I purchased a Mazdaspeed Miata for a daily and set out to buy another sedan GC to finally build the car i want. Here are some of the ride mentioned above.:

Anyways that brings us to the present. After searching for a good sedan candidate for my wrx swap project. This car actually found me. My budget was only 1k and looking for something that had either a blown engine or some mechanical failure. The owner of this car asked me if i was looking to buy and after some talking i went to look at the car. Pulled up the guys house and even though its super dirty and the paint doesnt look its best it still put a smile on my face. The V4 bumper just smiling at me,begging me to buy it. After about an hour of chatting and me going over the car. I had to have it. We agreed to the price of $800 after i give him the drivetrain after i extract it. He is keeping his 06 wrx limited leather seats aswell. The car come with a v4 Sti fron bumper and JDM smooth rear bumper.

Now as my plans of attack is as follows:
Swap everything from the wrx running gear(engine,trans,both subframes)
Swap the WRX dash over
Run the WRX harness and modify the points as needed
Find a GC8 hood(not sure if i want a v1-4 or 5/6)
Purchase RS/WRX sideskirts and rear spats
Purchase roof vent
Try to source some V5/6 Manual window door panels....hahah very funny
Im not sure on the spoiler i want to use right yet
Then paint....im 100% sure on using Cashmere yellow

Picked the car up as of 06/14/15. The strip down of both the 04 WRX and the Impreza start today. Boy am i excited!

So today(6/16/15) i tackled tearing down the interior of the 95 Impreza. After never taking a dash out before it was quite easy. Tomorrow ill be taking the rest of the interior out and taking out the wrx dash. Hopefully ill have the wrx dash mocked into place of the Gc.

Thats the car though. Let me know your thoughts on the project and thanks for taking the time to read the beginning of my GC story!
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Today i removed the carpet and door panels from the GC. The dash from the WRX is almost ready to come out. Tomorrow i should have the WRX dash out and both beams aswell. Im hoping to have the WRX dash in the GC before the weekend ends.

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Well im sorry for the lack of updates. Ive gotten alot of work done over the past few weeks. Ill be posting pictures very shortly.
Ok im finally getting some free time to post updates on the GC. I have gotten quite a bit worked out so far. When i was tearing down the rear of the GC. I noticed the car has Perrin Stout sway bar mounts and GAB sports adjustable struts (blown but still JDM goodness) Here is whats been done so far:
- wrx dash beam modified
- wrx dash fits great with very little gap
- wrx gas tank,fuel lines and rear subframe has been fitted
- Old ej22 front subframe has been dropped
- Engine bay has been cleaned,sanded and primered

Things that are left to do
- Sand the gc engine bay and get it super smooth
- Lay some paint down
- Drop the WRX front subframe
- Transfer everything from the WRX engine bay over to the GC
- Bolt up the wrx subframe
- Start piecing everything together

Here are some pictures ive taken through the process. I post on my Instagram alot so you can see progress there more frequently. TheBeardedWagon is the name. Anyway ,onto the pictures!

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So yesterday i finally put some color into my engine bay. Cashmere yellow! I feel like i should have used a white primer and maybe it would have made it more creamier? Otherwise it looks awesome! Im going today to put down some coats of clear and rubberized undercoating on the wheel wells aswell as trans tunnel.

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If you are painting the whole car this color is recommend using a white sealer/primer so it doesn't take so base coat.
Yea im definitely going to be using a white sealer/primer on the rest of the car. Im not gonna be painting the car myself thank god lol


I would love to have this...
Ha! It was ok. Just full of rust everywhere!! If i was into coupes i would have kept it and made it a track car with wide fenders.
So i did a little work today on the subarus. Im really hoping to get the motor and everything in the GC by this weekend.

- Ran the engine bay harness and put the clutch master cylinder in.
- I dropped the front wrx subframe onto a rollie cart.
- Finally got the WRX pedals in the gc aswell (took alot of finicking but it finally got bolted up)

Tomorrow im going to be getting the interior back together fully. Wheeling the wrx drivetrain out so it can get a good cleaning and painting. If i have time im going to try to move everything from the wrx engine bay over to the GC.

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So the last couple days ive been working on the car quite a bit to get it all together for the most part. I got majority of the interior and dash installed. And today 07/31/15 i got the whole driveline installed. It was quite a triumphant day for me. I started on this project about 7 weeks ago and only really put about 50ish hours into it. I still have alot of work to do but im gonna keep pushing to get this thing started.

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Achievement unlocked! Its on the ground with all WRX driveline. Im so pumped. Ill start on the wiring next week and maybe have it running.

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As far as updates, this will be where the progress slows down for a little bit.
- Front end is back on the car
- All lines and connectors are hooked up

Im waiting to see what my job does about my administrative leave. If I get paid for the 5 weeks ive been off so far ill be purchasing the things i need for the car to be ready for the road.
- Front seats (im looking at either purchasing one bride or recaro seat,or buying a pair of jdm sti gc seats.)
- Catless downpipe since i only have a factory dp and it will not bolt up to my Invidia catback
- Fluids for motor,trans,cooling,and brakes
- Headlights and corner light since i have neither

As far as that here are the last two pictures until then. I am going to be sorting out my steering linkage when the rain stops tomorrow.

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So as i look for a job/wait for my job to make up their mind about taking me off of administrative leave. I had to do something about trying to finish this car. So i sold the V7 STI wheels in order to fund the completiom of the GC and get it running. So i had to buy some wheels. I drove down to knoxville yesterday (8-13) to pick up some gunmetal 98-99 2.5rs wheels for 140$. Really good deal considering they go for quite a bit more usually. I only had the miata to pick them up in amd that was a very tight ride for 2 hours haha. I got home and started to put together the rest of the car. I put fluids in it all and put together the rest of the interior. It feels so so good seeing it all together now. Im going to try to start it on saturday when i have a day without the gf. I feel like this is a big milestone in this build. I also had purchased a set of retrofitted headlights for 16p $ from a friend parting out his STI swapped gc. They will need to be sealed and wired up aswell. It looks like everything is coming together. All i need now is atleast one seat. Anyways onto the pictures!

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Well today marks a very special time in this cars life. It finally started and breathes life. Im so excited! Things to do now:
- bleed clutch
- bleed brakes
- wire in taillights
- wait for and install recaros
- drive and enjoy!

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So im sorry about the lack of updates but ive seriously been slammed between work,gym and the gf complaining about us not spending time together. Ive been a little busy with getting this car finished and back on the road. I decided against the recaros and purchased some JDM STI Spec C seats. They are super sexy and have alot of bolster. I also received a nice package from japan aswell. It was my type ra roof vent. Since im not gonna have ac then this will be my source of fresh air into the cabin. Cutting the hole in the roof was nerve racking to say the least. I would most definitely do it again though. It was super easy to install aswell. Well onto the pics.

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So today says that hard work does pay off. I finally got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I got the car all buttoned up for it first maiden voyage for its 3 mile round trip to get some petrol while being open downpipe. I must say it feels good having boost in a gc chassis. I cant wait to put more break in miles on it in the coming weeks til i can finally daily drive it. My steering wheel is warped so im trying to decide if i want to go with a jdn replacment or just get a sparco wheel. Onto the first time its been to the gas station as a swapped GC.

Gotta love that side profile!

The inside is a mess right now. I need to hook up my ATI clock pod and gauges aswell.

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Sorry its been awhile since ive posted but alot has been done in the timeframe since ive been gone. Ive been undecided on selling it. Then somehealth issues came up with my father so i thought id have to sell it to help him etc buuuut everything worked out. So this is a pretty big update i fell. So here is what has happened:

Car is fuly running and driveable
I got a Sparco Steering wheel and NRG hub(Still have to get hub bolts)
Car is in paint now. The jams and inside of the doors,trunk and hood have been painted today. 10/24/15

The paint is freaking glorious. Building my dream impreza and actually seeing this paint color in person makes me super happy. Im hoping to have the car finished and back together before the 2nd week of November. I seriously have been busting my ass with this car and work the last few weeks. Working 80hr weeks and staying up today for almost 28hrs. I wanted to be here for every step of the painting process aswell as help out with the sanding/dis-assembly. Well onto the pictures.

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I totally forgot to post these. I picked it up on 10/30. I must say that im so very impressed with this color in person. I seriously sat outside for a good hour just staring at it. It is just so damn gorgeous. Now i have to just get the spoiler and the rest of the stuff on aswell. Onto the pictures...enjoy!

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Does this mean you are keeping it? You put some serious hours into it to just sell it.
yea its being kept. I bought a 00 25rs the other day to keep me occupied.
So i put the car together and took it for a little 3 mile drive to the store and back. This color is super sexy in the light. I need to get my grill painted asap.

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