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Project Rust Bucket 65 Mustang

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Haven't posted on here much in a while. Decided to create a spot to track the progress on my latest project. This is a new undertaking for me. I have done small builds in the past but nothing to this level. This story begins with spotting a classic mustang for sale about 5 miles from my house. After passing it everyday for a week or so it sparked my interest. I have had 4 mustangs in the past but hadn't been interested in the 60's era. So I ended up with the car. Run down on the car from the previous owner goes as follows. He found it in a back yard under a tarp. Had been sitting for around 20 years. He purchased the car, installed new tires, got it to run and the transmission to pull, disassembled the brake shoes due to the brakes being locked and realized he had gotten over his head. Then I came along and took his headache. I soon realized that I was over my head as well. I couldn't get a trailer the day I decided to get the car so with the help of a good friend, I drove the car home with no brakes. We tied a tow strap to the front of my truck and the back of the car to stop the car. The 5 mile drive ended up taking almost 30 minutes. On the plus side the car stayed running the whole time and pulled it self the whole way. Few days later, I purchased new master cylinder, shoes and drums, wheel cylinders and brakes hoses/lines. Installed all of it in a few hours and was able to drive it the same night. So the car started life as a 6 cylinder/ 3 speed manual. At some point they installed a c4 automatic. I knew when I bought the car that the subframes had rust issues. So I began taking parts off. The more I take off the more I find that is rusted. So here I am. The car probably should have been scrapped but, I guess I like a challenge. Onto some pictures.

Tucked in the garage.

All the interior removed to inspect the damage to the floor pans

The previous "repairs to the floorpans"

Time to pull the drivetrain

Parked in its resting spot for a while

Now for the destruction

Some new metal

Trimmed out for new floor pans

Test fitting
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Damn that's a lot of rust! I do not envy you at all. Would be a great tube chassis candidate. LOL
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