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So I have been sitting on doing this forever since I still lack my injectors and fuel rail before actually beginning the project.

Currently I have
Full Piping
T3/T4 Turbo
Exhaust and Intake Manifolds
All Vacuum Lines
Return line and Feed
Pretapped Moroso Oil Pan(on way)
Mishimoto Rad (on Way)
Manual Boost Controller
Tial Wastegate

Thats it at the current time, or well all I can remember.

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The HKS boost controller is an awesome controller. Its the old school 1 but i have the same 1 in my car and love it. Ive messed with the newer HKS EVC and didnt like it as well as the old 1 like spoolie is selling. And good luck with the build

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How did I miss this?
Ross, you better take pictures.... You know how I and everyone is...
More pictures or ban!

Anyway, if you want some stock da stuff call me sometime.


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This is never going to happen. I heard this years ago when I first met him. I think its been 2-3 years ago.

You better do it and take lots of pictures. I wanna see it done.
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