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So I was at work today and had a former co-worker that works at a local car lot that he has a 1989 300zx that he will sell me for $1800 so after I finish my shift head over there and look at it. all that I could see that's wrong with it was that it needed power steering and seats need re-upholstered and he showed me the replacement power steering that he purchased and just needs installing. it had a single turbo etc..

should I go for it? or wait? like I need a car for a dd & project. the paint everything is straight..
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I tried to do something a little close to this...my supra was a $500 and it was an okay dd for like a week then i sold it for double what I paid..just cleaned it up a little...so resale may be an option...? i dont know
whatever you feel man, if you want it get it, doesnt matter what we think. We are just advising. I think i made a good investment to drive it for a week and sell it. I only sold it really because this SC came along and I had to have it. Im sure I could have gotten more than what I did for it, but I needed a quick sell. maybe not. I dont know. The guy that bought it well...he brought his "mechanic" and didnt find anything wrong...so i knew neither one of them were very intellegent. the clutch was slippin like hell and he couldnt tell...and cost+labor for the clutch was enought to total the car...lol
There ya go. just do what u think is right. Im sure it will work out either way
projects are fun. That all i get myself into. They take time, money, and fun. Im moving from my car project to my motor project to "build" that..should be interesting...
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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