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rb20det questions

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hey guys.. im looking at a 94 vert thats rb swapped, im curious what cars the engine came in, what the stock turbo is, what the trans is and what it interchanges with.. i think thats it, any help is appreaciated, thanks
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rb20s came in skyline Gtst, nissan cefieros, and nissan lawrels all of wich are Jdm. U can use a Ka trans idf u use the rb20 bellhousing, turbo size is a t28, and it is good for 14psi. Parts are not so hard to find if u need um i can get um any of them. If u have any more questions hit me up.
actually u can only use the z32 non turbo trans, it also shares the same clutch as the z32 non turbo.
the twin turbo trans is stronger, and i believe the starter area is different, and also i think the NA is about 1 inch shorter, fly wheels are also different. just to name a few differences, there are alot more tho
youll love the rb and like i said if u ever need parts let me know and ill get um.
yes but u still need the rb20 bell housing, same with using a ka trans with the RB and sr u have to use the bell housing.
No problem man, shit happens parts break, its just a fact of car life. But i can get almost any part out there for any rb motor.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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