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Twas the night before Christmas and stuck at the light,
Along comes a Mustang with no Cops in site!
I'm in my 4-banger, equipped with two blowers,
I'll race that 5 liter, even with his big motor!
The light turns green and I pull like no joke,
But the Stang just sits there, up in tire smoke?
Now Revver, now Stroker, now Smasher, now Blistin,
Those are the names of my 4 tiny pistons.
As I pull away I'm the star of the action,
but I know I'm in trouble when that 5.oh gets traction!
I shift into second I can hear the revs sing,
my rear view is blocked by my swingset style wing.
Tupac is playing ever so loud,
I can't wait to get back and tell the rice crowd!
"But WAIT"; I say, whats this I hear?
The roar of that 5 liter gaining ever so near?
As I shift into third, I'm hit with an air blast,
off go my stickers, now things of the past!
I fruitlessly grab for the gear shift stick,
but that was a waste, cuz the DAMN Stang is too quick!
As he puts on 10 carlengths, I swing a hard right,
I flip him the finger, he says; "V-TEC GOOD NIGHT!!"
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