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ROTM: November, 2007

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Ride of the Month Voting: November, 2007

6601 Views 63 Replies 35 Participants Last post by  ZacCarter
Time to vote for Ride of the Month, you guys all know the drill...

NOMINEES: If you know you cannot meet the requirements for any reason (3 high quality photos) please let me know so you can be withdrawn. Also, if anyone would like their picture changed, please send me the photo you would like for voting.

A few members didn't meet the requirements (posts): cturbo28, NextGear1, DONT H8, etc. All very nice cars, maybe they'll get in next month! Also didn't include any self-nominations (must be nominated by other user)











http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a23/afrikanflame/VIP Cars/100_2864.jpg

Mr. Clean!
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wow, theyre all amazing cars .... hopefully some of these will get re-nommed next month because it was hard to make a final choice
ALOT of the nominees have been previously nominated - its just really hard to pick, with so many good looking cars.
I vote Thawk. Clean and simple appearance....plus it's quick :thumbup: :thumbup:

Congrats to everyone on the poll. Tough competition.
I voted rotorious.
i wish i had better pics of my car....
i voted for the other teg
voted for wes.....it be cool to have your wheels on for the picture. 80 cubic inches ftw
spoolie said:
i wish i had better pics of my car....
i voted for the other teg
I nominated NextGear1 what happend to his name?
How are you gonna nominate me and then vote for another car?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! LOL

here is the pic

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because your car wasnt posted....till now. the others didnt have the post count needed to enter.
Voted for Wes. RX-7 owners have to stick together. Rotary FTW.
I voted for Lloyd!! I hate ford mustangs... but 03-04 cobra i would own in a heartbeat!! Especially his!
i vote for Lloyd also. i diss like mustangs, but his is simple and clean. props to Lloyd

noturs14 said:
nissan all the way ZONG

man i need a photoshop pic..
tough decision...but gotta go with mr. clean :thumbup:
TigerballZ gets my vote... can anyone figure out why? :p
TigerballZ all the way
1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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