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RIP kboschsrt4!!!!

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some of ya'll know him, some of ya'll don't....if you go down to 9th and commerce yo have seen this car.....i cant say much about my best friend....all him said was "black whats up *****"..i dont know whats going on...but, he died last week at 8/19/08 12:30am...he put a bullet thru his head...

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wow..... wtf........ omg....
WTF dude i just met him lastweek was a cool as guy sorry to hear that
my prayers go out to hes fam...
DAMN I JUST herd from jeff about it im speachless
Sorry to hear. Never met him. R.I.P.
what the fuck when was anyone going to tell me thats so messed up. RIP. He was a good friend
Thank You Too Everyone! This is a very hard time for me and my family. If you can not guess by my name I am kiel's older brother that has lived with him the past month and a half. I know alot of you dont know me but it is appreciated and hope that ya'll will keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

For those who havent put a face to me or kiel /\ this is a recent pick of he and I at a photoshoot with mario a few weeks ago. We did the e-thug pic for the haters.

I am devastated! NO words can express my shock right now.

Rest Peacefully bro. You and your family are in my prayers. cboschsrt4, If there is anything i can do to uplift you through your loss please dont hesitate to contact me. May the lord take our brother,Kiel, into thy arms eternally blessed.
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WTF he was at the meet on thursday eating and drinking my shit ....Man that fuckin sux. Suicide is a permanent fix for a temporary problem. My heart goes to him and his family :cry:
RIP, sorry to hear about this.

I'm stunned.

Prayers to the family and friends. If theres anything any of us can do, just let us know.

I'll put this at the top when I get home from work tonight :(
not met the guy... but rip man! this stuff is very sad someone taking there own life :(
this is such a horrible thing to hear. my deepest sympathy and prayers go out to all his friends and family. its unreal that this is happening again.
Wow, I'm shocked. I never talked to the guy but he had one of the few SRT's I actually liked. Prayers go out for his friends and family, if only he had talked to someone...
I had met him before...a really nice guy, was shocked when I heard...My prayers go with his family and friends... RIP Kyle!
I am very sorry to hear this, my prayers go out to his family
r.i.p. sad loss
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