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RIP kboschsrt4!!!!

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some of ya'll know him, some of ya'll don't....if you go down to 9th and commerce yo have seen this car.....i cant say much about my best friend....all him said was "black whats up *****"..i dont know whats going on...but, he died last week at 8/19/08 12:30am...he put a bullet thru his head...

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Seeing as many people don't venture into the Photography forum as much, I will move this to Off-Topic, as well as leaving a shadow thread here in the photog forum, just for the sake of having everybody know.

But either way... condolences to the friends, and his family. I know what it feels like to want to take your own life... but I could never see MYSELF doing it... but sometimes the thoughts and powers can be a bit overpowering and overcoming.

R.I.P. Kyle.
I saw him that night. I've raced him before. We talked a couple of times. I considered him a friend. Hey cboschsrt4 if you remember that black 4 door integra passing by your house that night when his srt4 was in the garage and ya'll were working on it, I told my friend to stop and let me out to talk to him. But, he was too worried about me going to lower his car in a few minutes. Now, he feels bad b/c he woudnt drop me off real quick to talk to my friend for the last time. I wish I could have stopped and talked, maybe just maybe this wouldnt have happened. If we could have talked..

R.I.P Kiel man. I pray that GOD forgives you and you rest in heaven..
Damn, sad to hear. Rest in Peace Bro :cry:
I'd just met him at the thursday night meet

it's ridiculous how stuff happens so fast sometimes

condolences to his family, and friends
wow thats crazy... R.I.P.
never met him but sounds like a kool guy R.I.P

prayers sent, RIP may he find eternal peace
I can't explain into words how much you guys keeping us in your thoughts and your prayers means to me. I have not met many of you but just to know that my little brother and best friend has met and talked to so many people that care about him brings a smile to my face. Just to let you know I lived with my brother and was with him the last night that this happened, it happed 20 feet down the hall way and what I would give to walk that 20 feet and stop what he did from happening. I am going to try and make it down town this sat where he and ya'll usually met up. I will more than likely be driving his car when I do show up so dont be alarmed it is just his older brother and best friend. I myself am having a hard time because I decided in June when I lost my job that I would move out here to be closer to him. I would like to ask if anyone is willing to make a donation, I am trying to keep his car, to help me do so please pm me I am not asking for much just every little bit helps. If I do not raise enough just please include in your email if you would like me to put it towards his funeral costs or if you would like it returned to you. Agian I appreciate everything and look forward to meeting many of you sat night.


Loved and Never Forgotten KBOSCHSRT4!
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