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s12 engine swap

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Im getting ready to put a 13b in my s12 and im not sure if I should leave the factory rear end in the car or go with the fc rear end I really dont know if the fc rear end has a lsd in it but I know the s12 does.
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Sounds like a fun project Friday :thumbup:
yeah I figured that I have the parts so I'll give it a try
You know who this is right?
Well, Im assuming nate and vinnie and yourself (friday) are the ones that would be the best at deciding what to do.
Question 1 is, do both engines turn the same way?
Question 2 is, what are the differnet gear ratios that come in them?
Question 3 is what carrier comes in the s12? Yours is irs right? R200 or equivalant? Is an r200 swapable in it?

There is plenty of gears out ther for the r200.
well both engines spin the same way Im not sure what the gearing is on both of them Im going to have to look it up
hey you got any pics of the s12?
not on the computer yet
the rear end on my s12 is a r180 or a r200 im not sure if it different here in the state form japan in japan the non turbos have a r180 and the turbos have a r200 and when a asked some people from clubs12.org that said they think that in the states they all have the r200
In the states they all share the R200.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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