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S14 Ka24de Race Intake Manifold

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Well slowly but surely im working on the Ka24de getting stuff i need to boost it and trying to get brakes and lsd to hold it but i keep running into one problem a can find a couple race intake manifolds but they are for 600+ hp the guy that was going to make mine still hasnt came through any idea where i could get one well designed plus it would make it alot easier to access stuff and to work on it......Anyone?
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Use periods please and often.

So what I assume you're asking is if anyone on here has the technical skills to make a race-prepped intake manifold for your KA?
without spending some bank on nicely designed velocity stacks for the interior of the plenum..

Your budget option is probably...
Hack the plenum off the stocker
Shorten the runners to the desired length
Use a piece of aluminum tubing for your new plenum OR..
use some card board templates to do a generic design for something with flat sides and a taper.
You'' also need a throttle body plate and they are available online pretty cheap.

You can do some of the leg work yourself and that will save you some cash. Finding the correct formulas (for plenum volume and runner length) or an engineering student to help with that is the hard part. Get everything done and take it to a welder and you won't break the bank doing it.
Name your criteria... I'll name you a price
ask seNATEr

I seen a websight on his computer that he has pulled up quite often with lots of ka intakes. He may be able to help you find one.
It really depends on how much you want to spend. We could custom make one with stacks and fit a Q45 TB, but it would be fairly pricey. Feel free to call the shop if we can help.

Here you go, I found it.

I thought it was really interesting that they have a pricey ITB setup, or you can go side draft carbs even.
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