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S2000 single exhuast + misc parts

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Name - Peter C.
Item(s) - single exhaust for AP1 s200 + other misc AP1 parts
Price - listed with item
Location Nashville
Contact information - PM

Megan Racing Drift Spec single - $300 (has around 250 mi. on it so far) [exhaust selling only through 9/18]

clear bumper signals-60 (accord)
taillights-60 (accord)
corners-20 (accord)
grill-15 (accord)
frnt/rear bumper-100 (factory colored green, good condition)
side bumper lights-15 (accord)
AP1 taillights - 90 (S2000)
spoon knob - 70 (i was told it was a spoon ti knob, very light)
unknown knob - 40 (pretty heavy)
oem AP1 knob - 20
oem amber diffusers - 20
ACT 6puck clutch only - 160 (has around 5k mi, too harsh for my DD'ing needs)

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ILL SELL EVERYTHING LISTED (except exhaust) FOR $250!!! make your own profit maybe? i dont want to ship nothin but if u dont mind shipping things im sure u could sell it off...i really need the money to catch up on bills :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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