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so i figured i would start a new thread for my turbo install since i am sure mane people will be interested

the setup will go on my L33 5.3

it is all gonna be ebay stuff for now since i am not trying to make a ton of power and doing it on a budget and i have a few friends with similar setups making pretty good power. looking for around 500-550 whp

gt45 front mounted with a intercooler and i may put it on e85 but maybe not

i dont know a ton about turbos but luckily i have a great bunch of friends that are gonna be helping along the way.

here is my previous build thread and a couple pics for you to catch up on.


pay no attention to the for sale sign. i just like the pic and had it for sale at the time

here is everything i have ordered so far

Piping mandrel
V bands
Boost controller
Intercooler and piping
Catch can
Wide band
Pillar gauge pod for 3 gauges
boost gauge

no progress but finally some of the ice and snow melted so the ups guy finally made a trip to the house.

baby turbo. not the greatest pic but its the best you are getting tonight lol.

then the other boxes i am too tired to unbox


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Bet its going to be a shit load of fun. I look forward to when the time comes to boost my truck.

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last pic before the teardown :(

here we go again.....

making room for the new goodies

the parts are almost all here got my shorties and 80lb injectors. just need a fuel pump and some small stuff

between motorcycle parts and the truck parts my garage is getting out of control lol

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