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saturday night live

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I love this show. I just want to know who your favorite cast members have been over the years.
mine are
1. steve martin
2. adam sandler
3. david spade
4. mike myers
5. andy samburg
6. chris kataan
7. chris farley
8. will ferrell
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That show is FTW. I don't get to watch it much though.
i looooved that show back in Chris Farley, David Spade and Adam Sandler days...

the more recent years aren't that great...

though weekend update's and tv funhouse's are always great :p
I agree with Zepplin. The good days are long gone. The newest stuff is just stupid. We watched some of it last night and it just isn't at all funny. I miss the old days.
agree w/above. I can't stand the new stuff at all. Once Farley died, it started going downhill
snl sucked dicks last nite....lil fucking wayne??? wtf is up with this stupid fucker???? shorty wana tuhug??? if i understand him correctly....

what a dipshit dumbfuck....
yeah last nights was pretty gay. but andy samburgs is a funny mofo. I really liked hot rod
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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