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Scavenger hunt. Thats right, a hunt for shit that you do not carry with you every day.

We will meet up at the Bristol VA mall at 11:59PM on 12/25/08.

You can have 2 people on your team. That means you and someone else. You have the option of a 3rd person but he or she can not scavage with you all. They have to stay at your base.

A Base is where you keep your items at. Nobody has to know but your team.

You will get awarded points for different items. As of different items are worth different points.

Hunt at your own risk. You get caught its on you not on everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the items on the list but you will receive a list when you show up.

-72 lime green pinto - you win it all
-Pop Machine - 5000 points
-Speed Limit signs are worth what they read.....55mph is 55 points....
List is huge

Entry is 50 Dollars for each team and winner takes all, no 2nd or 3rd prize winners. Either your first or your last.....

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hahaha. sound like a blast.
a few friends and i had a sort-of scavenger hunt in nashville. more like seeing who could do the dumbest shit on tape(swimming in the fountains in freezing weather, stealing stuff, and i took a shit in the middle of a busy street).

but be safe.. and maybe record it. haha

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hahaha.... why not the ranger? heres the plan. ill bring a light saber and ill drive out in front and cut down all the speed signs. you follow and pick them all up. btw. thats completely unnecessary. i actually own a 72' lime green pinto. so leats sit back and sip a beer :)
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