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Scionide's RB25 S14 Build

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Little background on this, I traded my white SR hatch for a R32 GTR shell earlier this year. It was the car that I always wanted and thought about building. The downside to it was that everything is a $500 bill for that car. I couldn't afford to build it among other things. So after it sitting in my garage for a couple months and me getting the itch to build something, I hit up a friend of mine who had this car. Trade done, the list of mods a mile long and a "built" motor that I was told had no compression in CYL 1. Jayson from CSW had fixed a lot of things but this car has a long way to go. It was suspected that the car had bent valves which is what my hunch was. Pulled the head tonight and my hunch was confirmed. I have a spare head that for the time being I will throw on it to get it running and then go from there. The supposed head upgrades are yet to be confirmed, I know the valves are OEM Nissan so I am unsure on the springs and cams.

The Supposed Mod List (My only Skepticism is on the motor due to PO buying the long block and not splitting it, which is not his fault)

Weisco pistons
Eagle h beam rods
Arp studs and fasteners
Titanium valves and springs
Tomei 256 cams
Stock ecu
isis intake manifold w/q45 tb
Rb25 neo turbo
All SS turbo lines
Greddy Fmic with custom piping
Greddy type-s BOV
Tomie Type-s AFPR
Top Hat motor and tranny mounts w/ JGS street engine insulators and nismo tranny insulator
New OEM water pump
New timing belt
XTD Lightweight flywheel
stock clutch
New OEM slave cylinder w/Agency power SS line
1 piece aluminum driveshaft
no name 3" exhaust from downpipe back (dump-pipe is 2.5)
Mishimoto radiator w/shroud
Mishimoto thermostat
Isis Short shifter
walbro fuel pump
(not installed) New external wastegate

Stance Gr coilovers w/ 6k Fr and 5k r springs
j30 vlsd
PBM toe rods
curcuit sports tie rod ends and RUCA's
ES subframe bushing
Z32 26mm brakes w/
powerslot rotors and agency power SS lines
Z33 wheels, fr driver is curbed

S14 JDM DCC (digital climate control is fully functional)
All trim is brand new from nissan( window switch bezels, instrument cluster trim and clear cover, ETC)
the center trim has been covered in real carbon fiber and clear coated
NRG carbon quick release w/ grip royal sterring wheel
titanium shift knob
Blitz BLM gauges, Boost, Vacuum, temp(temp isnt hooked at the moment)

ED vented carbon hood
10k hids

Picture time

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The motor sat outside for a long time with no plugs in it, it was covered up under the hood, but still moisture gets in. The motor turns freely and all that crap wipes off easily, I'm not concerned

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Is that Alex's old car?

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Meh I'll slap a new head on it and if the bottom end fucks up so what ill fix it then

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I'll slide it around a bit lol and to me it looks like the timing belt broke and the person had wishful thinking that it was just a belt. Cylinder 5 was worse than cylinder 1. Like I said, my plan is to throw the other head on it and fire it up and just see what happens, worst comes to worse I need a new short block. I'm skeptical on the bottom end being built after finding stock valves, do you know how to differentiate between the cams as well?

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If it is a tomei cam they usually have the specs inscribed on one of the ends.
Okay thanks I'll look when I get home

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Looks like a good start to a great build. Not too sure about those green wheels though, lol. You should post a vid when you get it running...
Green wheels are going away soon

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Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive design

Just dropped the new head on havnt had the time to work on it, hopefully I'll get it running this week

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Did you post the pic of the cylinder head in r/justrolledintotheshop?
Haha yep sure did and Stork as far as I can tell the PO of the engine had the timing belt break and optimistically replaced the belt. Did you happen to look into the bottom end of the motor just checking to verify the pistons and rods are aftermarket before I start throwing some serious boost through it

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So me and a buddy of mine worked on this for a long time tonight, we got head studs torqued and started putting everything together, then it came time to set timing. I set the cams to the timing marks and before I put the head on I set the motor to TDC, but something was lining up right. I researched online as I am new to RB's and theres a timing mark on the crank gear. This is what I was looking at

I dont see a timing mark do you? Guess what the moron the put the motor set together (was not CSW or PO) put the timing gear on backwards. So finally get timing set and the motor spins as smooth as can be. I'm really tired so I stopped for the night. I have to finish wiring everything up and finish the intake side then im done. Ill update pics tomorrow from tonight
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Good find on that timing gear. I do not know how little things like that get by someone assembling an engine. I kid you not, there was a guy that could not figure out why he kept blowing head gaskets on a turbo car that he built. So, I offered to lend a hand with the tear down to source the cause of failure. I found several leaves (leaf) trapped between the head and upper portion of the head gasket. Who the hell thinks that is okay and continues assembling the engine?

This (the reversed gear), though not as severe, still blows me away. Let's hope that it has the correct bearings, is torqued to spec, installed properly, but I would not worry about ring gap. I am sure that they were done to spec with the amount of detail found with this engine so far... /sarcasm. Is there even a key in the cog/crank keeper groove or is it just really dark in the photo?
HAH ya there's a woodruf key in it, I still didnt get it to start, or even turn over with the starter. I have no idea what's going on, it doesnt seem like its getting fuel or ignition it doesnt sound like it's doing anything. Im at a loss and too pissed off to keep working on it today. I should have just set it on fire when I got it. I'm utterly baffled, if it was an SR i could have figured it out but RB's are completely new to me
Also that aftermarket alarm thats in the car has me wondering if there is some kind of immobilizer in it that I dont know about
For what it is worth, we did not encounter an issue with the alarm system. Once we supplied the starter with a good 12v signal, managed to get the key to engage the ignition switch, the planets aligned and said a dozen "Hail Mary"s it would turn over every time. With that in mind, unless the alarm has been engaged since it left us, I would not point to it as an issue, but with past experience with them I would not exactly rule it out either.

Did you check the signal to the starter? If that is solid, I hope our notes on the wiring and ignition issue helps. Otherwise, you has my number.
I havnt gone over it with a multimeter yet, I ran out of time today, next chance I get to work on it Ill check it. I may ditch the RB25 all together I dunno yet
I'm going to yank the dash and remove every trace of that alarm system, its wired up into the ignition harness and I'm going to pull the engine harness out and rebuild it completely

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And if that fails I'll spend the 500 bucks on a wiring specialties harness

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I heard some sad news about this build. Is it true that you're fearing the worst on the bottom end now as well?
I think the bottom end is probably okay but I'm skeptical of anyone that put the lower timing gear on backwards

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Update on this thread, motor is up for sale and will hopefully be gone in the next week or two, I'm ditching the RB completely and going with a notch top SR. Ill also be doing a PBM midmount intercooler and ACT stage 4 unsprung cltuch, I may do ARP head studs and Cosworth HG while the motor is out of the car, I plan on pulling the engine this weekend if everything goes smoothly.
Forget the 4 cylinders and do ls swap.
That cost too many doll hairs for my budget
Sooo after much hate from Carfreak8714850245722485702436524650 I traded my RB25 swap for a built SR swap. Specs on the new motor are as follows
Wiseco Pistons
Eagle Rods
ARP headstuds
Cometic HG
Disco Potato
and some other small bolt ons

Right now, im just looking to get it running and go from there, I need rear axles and thats about it. Here are a few pics from the install and an entire RB swap in the back of a Scion.

Gay Friends

As it sits now

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Looks good. What happened to the green wheels? Repaint?
Yea just resprayed them silver
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