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Scionide's RB25 S14 Build

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Little background on this, I traded my white SR hatch for a R32 GTR shell earlier this year. It was the car that I always wanted and thought about building. The downside to it was that everything is a $500 bill for that car. I couldn't afford to build it among other things. So after it sitting in my garage for a couple months and me getting the itch to build something, I hit up a friend of mine who had this car. Trade done, the list of mods a mile long and a "built" motor that I was told had no compression in CYL 1. Jayson from CSW had fixed a lot of things but this car has a long way to go. It was suspected that the car had bent valves which is what my hunch was. Pulled the head tonight and my hunch was confirmed. I have a spare head that for the time being I will throw on it to get it running and then go from there. The supposed head upgrades are yet to be confirmed, I know the valves are OEM Nissan so I am unsure on the springs and cams.

The Supposed Mod List (My only Skepticism is on the motor due to PO buying the long block and not splitting it, which is not his fault)

Weisco pistons
Eagle h beam rods
Arp studs and fasteners
Titanium valves and springs
Tomei 256 cams
Stock ecu
isis intake manifold w/q45 tb
Rb25 neo turbo
All SS turbo lines
Greddy Fmic with custom piping
Greddy type-s BOV
Tomie Type-s AFPR
Top Hat motor and tranny mounts w/ JGS street engine insulators and nismo tranny insulator
New OEM water pump
New timing belt
XTD Lightweight flywheel
stock clutch
New OEM slave cylinder w/Agency power SS line
1 piece aluminum driveshaft
no name 3" exhaust from downpipe back (dump-pipe is 2.5)
Mishimoto radiator w/shroud
Mishimoto thermostat
Isis Short shifter
walbro fuel pump
(not installed) New external wastegate

Stance Gr coilovers w/ 6k Fr and 5k r springs
j30 vlsd
PBM toe rods
curcuit sports tie rod ends and RUCA's
ES subframe bushing
Z32 26mm brakes w/
powerslot rotors and agency power SS lines
Z33 wheels, fr driver is curbed

S14 JDM DCC (digital climate control is fully functional)
All trim is brand new from nissan( window switch bezels, instrument cluster trim and clear cover, ETC)
the center trim has been covered in real carbon fiber and clear coated
NRG carbon quick release w/ grip royal sterring wheel
titanium shift knob
Blitz BLM gauges, Boost, Vacuum, temp(temp isnt hooked at the moment)

ED vented carbon hood
10k hids

Picture time

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Just me or does that block look trashed as well? Wish I woulda had something to trade for that r32 shell. Lol. Hope the head swap gets her goin again.
Hopefully she fires up for ya man!
That just sucks ass man... That was a beautiful engine. Ls swap time?

What went wrong? Assuming oil issue?
1 - 3 of 95 Posts
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