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set of wheels and tires. 15's

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Name: Justin
Item and description (pics included): a set of 15" wheels and tires. The tires are 195/50/15 and have about 40% tread left with camber wear the inside but still drivable. The wheels are proline and have the usual scrapes on them from DD. They are 4 lug uinlug. One fitment is 4x100 i'm not sure what the other is.
Location: Gallatin, tn
Contact information:call 615-686-0141 or pm if interested.


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welcome to tennspeed...read the rules
hes been around for a while...I can vouch

goodluck on sale
thanks statix since they redid the site i lost my count.
these would be nice to have so i can redo my wheels lol.. damn money i dont have... gl on sale
would be interested in a JDM S13 SR20 gauge cluster would ya?
nope cash only
will take $125.
i might have 125 for ya, i tried to call ur number, all i have is a land line. i will try to call later on
PMed you i will do 150
I have someone coming to night to look at them. I'll keep the tread updated.
dang i want em..
you still got these wheels?
still have them meeting up today after work with someone. plans feel through last night.
wheels sold please lock.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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