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Sexy Audi R8 Photo Shoot!

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You guys miss me? lol

Here you go, enjoy!

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:shock: my god
OMG...that is one of the cleanest/best looking cars I've ever seen. The R8 is already one of my favorite cars...honestly how many R8s can you say you've seen in person? Now name how many times you have seen a Ferrari? That's right...

I hope to own one someday...even though it is produced my VW :(
i like the paint scheme / wheel combo on this one ... and i usually dont like R8s
Wish the pops would have gotten one.... :(
itsallme.NWH said:
:shock: my god
:shock: :shock: double that shiz.
beautiful car, and awesome shots man :)
O....M.....G..... LOL This car is the definition of a sexy car. go ahead look it up in the dictionary.

carbon fiber wheels = uber baller son
......how do I get your job??
bad ass car. and bad ass pix. good job
Thanks everyone! Yes, I agree the CF wheels really sets this car apart from the rest.
DAMN dude...you out do me again... ssssssiiiiiccccckkkk
ahahah i really need to bust a nut and she won't let me fuck....ahaha really need to bust a nut! wooowowowowowahhhah yeah!
thats hella nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sexy as always.
sorry i drooled on my keyboard and had to clean it up...

very nice.

i can has for christmas??
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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