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So I dropped my car off at my mechanic and...

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My car will be back tomorrow...woot!
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If you dont like it, dont look at it. WTF... I made the thread bc I was happy I was finally getting it installed and what a good deal I got. Oh, and JUST so you know, I could pull the motor myself if I had the appropriate tools needed. ie. motor lift, and such, but I dont. It all got sold when we moved. Lock the freakin thread I could care less. Just stay out of it if you dont like it. Seems like most of the "older" tennspeeders are here to ruin everyones fun, which is not how its supposed to be. Its supposed to be about the car community, and such. Not a bunch of haters. Lock the thread I could care less. Thanks!
Not here to ruin anything man....If the thread just said "Hey guys, got a local buddy to give a good deal on an install job so I am letting him handle it. Should be done soon." We would all be going congrats man, can't wait to see it back on the road :thumbup:
But when you go "I looked at using the main local shop, but they wanted $xxxx.xx and I know a guy who will do it for half price, it looks like you are trying to promote your buddy and shit on the other shop, even if you do say you love their shop. Not saying you meant to, but it just looks to be in poor taste throwing out all the numbers like that....Specifically when it turns out its not like everyone on here can get that same deal, just you.
I got ya...fixed...sorry...just tired and in a bad mood
No problem man... Hope u get it together soon... Will be a fun ride :thumbup:
thank you nate ... you got the point
i found waldo so i can go to sleep now

now get out of my damn yard you whipper snappers= i think im one of the older 10speed members ?
yeah dude...i didnt take it mean...altho after reading it i see where you are comming from...lol sorry about that. yeah if i had EMS or something like that...hell yeah it would go to them, but its just a stock car with a 2jzge...so its nothing special...really
i'm pretty sure you meant no bad- it's all good. oh, btw i'm a girl....... (a big, old, mean, loud mouthed girl! haha)
i don't know one person @ Carma personally- just went by what i've heard, and i've heard tons of good thing 'bout them in my old timer experience/connections.
i'm not tennspeed old timer- just a tennspeed post whore.. but i'm a real-life old timer (1967) :wink:
nobody was hatin- just steppin up to the plate to take up for Carma(even me, and i don't even know the guys!)

You've already wrote on page one that you kinda worded it wrong, so - CHEERS
keep up the good work and hope your car runs great by today or tommorow man!
and nobodies here to ruin the fun.... they're here cuz they enjoy the internet and being able to say exactly what they feel semi-anonymously. that's the magic of the internet and tennspeed..... a bunch of car enthusiats together in cyberspace, being able to see and talk about more stuff in one day that most can see in a lifetime (if they choose to veg out in front of computer all day). WOOT
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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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