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I drive a 5.SLOW mustang
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and decided to fix my coolant overflow res. My factory one has a huge hole in it from when my fan lost a blade and tossed it through the side of it :thumbdown: anyways to i decided to see if i could do something a lil unique so i took a 20oz c02 bottle that i ust to use for paintball.

So i proceded to take the valve assembly off the bottle and drilled a hole big enough to get a hose through into the valve, put the valve back on with the hose in place inside the bottle. I then drill a small hole in the top of the bottle for a vent. I couldnt decide what i was gunna paint it like. I was stuck on painting it to match my n20 bottle but i decided to go the a mt. dew bottle look instead. here is what i came up with...

so it turned out ok, i made a bracket to mount it in the car and it turned out suprisingly well. It looks ok but most importantly it works perfectly.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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